Luxi Ltd. exists to advance education and participation in the arts through multidisciplinary performance or projects.  We help to brighten lives through the arts.

The lux is the unit for measuring illuminance and luminous emittance; we believe in work in which, like light, a small action has a massive effect.  Nurturing our spirit of curiosity, luxi is often pronounced as look-see here in NE England.  We produce work in a number of ways including, but not limited to, the following:

Producing A-Z – Creating a brand new project, developing partnerships, recruiting artists and team, raising the money and seeing the project through from concept via delivery to evaluation.

Project management – We work with clients and partners to deliver a project to their brief, previous clients have included Newcastle Theatre Royal, Newcastle City Council, Dance City, Dance Consortium and the list continues to grow.

Supporting artists, co-producing and executive producing – From time to time we work closely with an individual artist, company or group to support them to realise their vision, including Peter GroomArtwave North and many more.

General management and producing – We can also act as company producer for a show, project or initiative; previous clients include Bare Toed Dance Company, Tender Buttons and Surface Area Dance Theatre.

Programming  – From scratch and platform performances to working with a team to choose the best programme for a whole festival or conference; previously programmed events for Edinburgh Fringe, US Consul, Australian High Commission, South Korean Embassy, Tees Valley Arts, Dance City, AV Festival and many more.

There are other models that we are interested in developing as well, so if you have an idea or a project, then please get in touch for a chat.

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All images on this site, which are not otherwise credited, are by Caroline Pearce.

Luxi was established in 2012 with support from Arts Council England, very gratefully received.

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AMA (Arts Marketing Association)

ITC (Independent Theatre Council)

IDMN (Independent Dance Management Network)

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